Transversal Translational Medicine

    Strategic research goals

    1. TTM aims to foster inter-institutional collaborations in Luxembourg and internationally and to attract funding, in view of implementing translational programmes across different disease areas, such as oncology or immune conditions, using the NCER-PD programme as a model.

    2. Create an infrastructure to accelerate the translation of fundamental and clinical biomedical research into improved diagnostics, therapies and devices for patients.

    3. Be recognised, nationally and internationally, as a model for state-of-the-art research, advancing evidence-based patient care and coordination of integrated care networks

    4. Develop a translational research pipeline across biomedical stakeholders in Luxembourg, integrating platforms such as the Disease Modelling and Screening Platform (DMSP), a high-throughput automated screening platform that enables personalised drug discovery. (Automated Cell Culture Maintenance and High Throughput/High Content Screening Platform)

    5. Develop a translational mindset across researchers, students and healthcare practitioners at research institutions and hospitals in Luxembourg and beyond, enhancing the ability to work together.



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