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Are you ready to bring your career forward while being part of bed to bench to bed projects aiming at answering unmet needs & positively affecting health outcomes for patients?

As a researcher, several options are possible to get onboard @ LIH :

  1. You are interested in one of our running projects for which a position is open : feel free to apply through our career page. The project is fully funded for a certain period of time, depending on project.

  2. You are an expert in one of our research fields and you are interested in joining one of our units ? Feel free to send your CV and a cover letter explaining your project to the dedicated Principal Investigator (PI). He/She can accompany you to find the best source of funding and apply for a grant proposal.  

  3. You’ve just got a grant and are looking for an amazing place where you will be able to carry out your Research project and build your team … feel free to send an spontaneous application.

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