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Your first professional experience in research with the Luxembourg Institute of Health!

The LIH welcomes more than 60 doctoral students who lead a doctoral project, communicate and publish in famous journals across the globe.

Starting a PhD means being a researcher in the early stages of its career and aquiring, step by step, a professional experience of roughly 3 years leading a fully funded original research project.

At LIH, you will be part of some of the best biomedical scientific teams and supervised by professors and experienced researchers. In order to successfully carry out your research activities, you will be able to call upon state-of-the-art technologies & platforms, well equiped facilities, active seminar programs as well as opportunities to work in close collaborations with the university or other research institutes.

Undertaking A PhD @ LIH?

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If the standard duration of a PhD is 3 years, the thesis work is very often funded up to 4 years. In total it’s 48 months (240 ECTS) under a real employment contract with full benefits (retirement and social security).

During this period, you will be able to:

  1. Acquire new skills thanks to the doctoral training program 

  2. Lead an individual and original Research project, with the guidance and advice of your supervisor

  3. Present your work during your thesis defense - video


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At LIH, research activities focus on 4 specific themes:

More on LIH  priority research topics

After THE thesis?

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Staying in academia or going to the private sector?  Finding the next opportunity after the thesis might raises new questions and challenges..

Internal and external meetings are organised by Euraxess Luxembourg and the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) to support you during your PhD and after. 

More information on their respective websites: 


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EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a pan-European Initiative launched by the European Commission to promote research careers and facilitate the mobility of researchers across Europe. It is a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities, and businesses to interact with each other.

It covers mobility issues, allows institutions to find the right talent, and connects people, projects and funding.


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Association Bernard Gregory (ABG)

Since its founding in 1980, ABG has worked to promote the career development of PhD-holders, the innovative capacities of businesses, and to capture the value of skills acquired through training in research.

ABG aims to bring together professional communities that share common interests in the areas of research, development and innovation. Their services relating to recruitment, training and communication facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge.