Dr Susanne Schmitz

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr Susanne Schmitz holds a PhD from the department of Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, for her research on Bayesian methods for evidence synthesis and decision making in Health Technology Assessments. She graduated in Mathematics from RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Dr Schmitz holds an adjunct professor appointment at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

Her research interests are Bayesian biostatistics, evidence synthesis, network meta-analysis as well as the role of uncertainty in decision theory and multi-criteria-decision-analysis. She has worked on applications in many clinical areas including Parkinson’s disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis hepatitis C and childhood vaccination strategies.

Dr Schmitz is a statistical editor for Cochrane. As an external consultant and reviewer, she provides methodological advice to Health Technology Assessment agencies and healthcare consultancies. She teaches courses in meta-analysis, introduction to statistics and health economics.

Research projects

  • PD Cost: Estimating the cost of care for Parkinson’s disease in Luxembourg based on national insurance data. PD Cost is funded by the NCER PD seed funding scheme.

  • MIPAClux: Motivational interviewing to increase physical activity in Breast, endometrial and colorectal cancer patients in the grand duchy of Luxembourg: A pilot randomized controlled trial.

  • Various consulting projects, including network meta analyses in the areas of opioid substitution therapy, multiple myeloma and sunscreen protection as well as methodological support in the evaluation of various treatments for multiple myeloma, and a review of the evaluation of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy in patients with anxiety disorders.

Susanne Schmitz


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