Welcome to the Transversal Translational Medicine (TTM) initiative of the Luxembourg Institute of Health. 

TTM aims to enhance the ability of biomedical stakeholder institutions to work translationally, fostering national and international bed-to-bench-to-bed collaborations and thereby acting as a bridge between fundamental research and clinical practice.

On this webpage, you will find detailed information on the activities of TTM, its strategic goals, ongoing research programmes, scientific publications and dedicated team:

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Rejko Krüger

Prof. Dr. med.

1A-B, rue Thomas Edison
Tel. : +352 26970-458

Discover i2TRON DTU

TTM is taking a leading role in the coordination of i2TRON, a doctoral training unit (DTU) with a strong focus on developing the new generation of translational scientists, who can turn observations in the laboratory, clinical setting or community into interventions that improve health of individuals via innovative diagnostics or treatments. 

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