The Sports Medicine Laboratory (SMRL) focuses its research on the impact of physical activity and lack thereof on the human body of healthy, injured or diseased individuals.


The SMRL aims to provide decisive information and new solutions for prevention, therapy and sports-related issues to patients, athletes of any level, trainers, physical therapists, medical doctors and decision makers in sports and public health.

Through the privileged partnership with the Sportsclinic Eich of the “Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg”, the SMRL has developed several lines of research since its creation in 2009. Many other collaborations have followed since with scientific societies, universities and private companies across Europe and beyond.

Strategic research goals

  • Prevention, diagnosis and clinical follow-up of patients with knee soft tissue injuries, with particular emphasis on anterior cruciate ligament ruptures
  • Development of an innovative sports injury surveillance system, termed TIPPS (Training and Injury Prevention Platform for Sports), to study injury occurrence and prevention in different contexts
  • Epidemiology and biomechanics of running-related injuries of leisure-time runners
  • Monitoring and active promotion of therapeutic physical activity in different therapeutic contexts
  • Training and education, especially for doctoral candidates, and co-organisation of scientific conferences and active participation in research-promoting initiatives


Laurent Malisoux


76, rue d'Eich
Tel. : +352 26970-231