The Infectious Diseases research unit of the Department of Infection and Immunity is specialized in fundamental and applied research topics concerning viral infections, virus-receptor interactions and vaccinology.


The research activities have a major focus on HIV infection on the one hand and on Measles and Rubella as well as Influenza virus on the other hand.

The Infectious Diseases Research Unit is composed of 4 different research groups:

  • HIV Clinical and Translational Research Group headed by Dr Carole Devaux;
  • Molecular Signaling and Virus-Host Interaction headed by Dr Andy Chevigné and Dr Danielle Perez Bercoff;
  • Clinical and Applied Virology, headed by Dr Judith Hübschen and Dr Chantal Snoeck
  • Vaccinology and B cell Immunology headed by Prof Claude Muller, who is also the head of the WHO Collaborative Center & European Reference Center – Measles & Rubella Infection.

Strategic research goals

  • Translating fundamental research to clinically relevant therapy
  • Improving vaccination strategies for viral infections
  • Molecular basis of virus-host cell interactions
  • The chemokine-chemokine receptor network in infection, chronic inflammation and cancer

Head of research unit

Prof Markus Ollert

Deputy Head of research unit

Dr Carole Devaux


Markus Ollert


29, rue Henri Koch
Tel. : +352 26970-829