CANBIO - PhD Training Program

Training & Career Development

CANBIO ensures an optimal training environment in state-of-the-art research facilities with on-the-job research training, quality supervision and regular project progress monitoring. Moreover, the program includes transferable skill training, support in career development, scientific lectures by international speakers and annual PhD retreats.

Doctoral schools at partner universities

Depending on the research project and the PhD supervision, PhD candidates is enrolled at the Universities of Luxembourg, Bergen (Norway) or Paris-Saclay (France). They are affiliated to a thematic doctoral school offering a palette of scientific and transferable skill training as well as opportunities for career counselling and professional development.

  • Doctoral School in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg

The doctoral programme in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine of the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering at the University of Luxembourg provides high-quality research training to PhD candidates in two complementary areas: molecular biomedicine with relevance to human health and disease, and systems biomedicine using experimental, high throughput technologies and computational approaches to analyse biological systems and disease processes.

  • Bergen Biomedical Research School, University of Bergen

Bergen Biomedical Research School is the research school of the Department of Biomedicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bergen, with which LIH’s Department of Oncology has a long-term affiliation. The central tenet of the school is to provide a broad and excellent platform for PhD education in the area of basic and translational biomedical science.

  • Ecole Doctorale de Cancérologie, University of Paris-Saclay

The Ecole Doctorale de Cancérologie: Biologie, Médecine, Santé at the University of Paris-Saclay covers all aspects of oncology. The school is based on the scientific and medical activities of over 80 PhD host groups on multiple sites including LIH’s Department of Oncology. There are four research pillars: fundamental aspects of oncology; genetics and epidemiology; pharmacology and new therapeutic approaches; new methods of biological and clinical investigation.

Scientific training

PhD candidates will acquire an in depth understanding of the complexity of cancer and associated research questions. Next to the doctoral schools’ scientific course programs, CANBIO-specific scientific and technical coursework will be provided by the principal investigators of CANBIO. Many of them are intensely involved in teaching activities or hold a professorship at one of the partner universities.

A CANBIO-specific lecture series with invited external speakers is being set up. This will give PhD candidates the opportunity to keep up-to-date with advances in their research field and to network with established scientists from abroad.

Transferable skill training

Transferable skill training is offered locally to all PhD candidates by the University of Luxembourg and LIH, regardless of the university and host institution affiliation.

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Career orientation and development

Next to career, counselling services offered at each of the three universities, the CANBIO host institutions organise career orientation events and workshops to prepare the PhD candidates for their next career step, be it in academia or in industry.

They have the opportunity to directly meet PhD holders working in non-academic professions e.g. in industrial R&D, science management, patent reviewing, communication, technical support or sales to get an overview on the multiple career opportunities offered after a PhD.

They also benefit from cross-sector training opportunities offered by the private partners of the program.