CANBIO - PhD Training Program

Host Institutions & Partners

Host institutions

LIH’s mission is to generate and translate research knowledge into clinical applications with an impact on the future challenges of health care and personalised medicine.
Within LIH, the Department of Oncology aims to achieve excellence through research that will have a strong impact on reducing the cancer burden within the Luxembourg population and beyond. Within prioritised areas, its objective is to develop excellence within basic, translational and clinical cancer research.

Founded in 2003, the University of Luxembourg is the only public university of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Multilingual, international and research-oriented, it is also a modern institution with a personal atmosphere. 

Combining molecular, cellular and computational approaches, research at the University of Luxembourg’s Department of Life Sciences and MedicineResearch Unit focuses on the fundamental understanding of biological processes relevant to human diseases to make use of it for biomedical applications.

The Laboratoire national de santé (LNS) is a public institution that operates under the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg. Its mission is to act as a national diagnostic and reference laboratory as well as to develop analytical activities and scientific expertise related to the prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of human diseases such as cancer.
The LNS will also act as a clinical partner within CANBIO.


The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) is a regional centre for diagnostic, care, treatment, and hospitalisation with a focus on research and education. CHL has a multidisciplinary team of doctors and caregivers that provides dedicated treatment and support for cancer patients.
The CHL holds strong links and long-term collaborations with LIH. The clinical aspects in CANBIO are reinforced by the involvement of a PhD supervisor holding a dual-position as medical oncologist at CHL and head of unit at LIH.