PhD student positions in Cancer Biology focusing on the Tumor Ecosystem - DTU Canbio2-SN1022

CANBIO2, standing for doctoral training in “Cancer Biology  2, is the second edition of our competitive PhD training program, supported by the doctoral research funding scheme PRIDE of the Luxembourg National Research Fund(FNR). Focused on the multiple distinct facets of the tumour ecosystem, the scientific program comprises the following three aspects: (i) advanced cancer models, (ii) cancer metabolism and (iii) novel treatment strategies integrating various aspects of the tumour environment. CANBIO2 will make use of advanced high throughput technologies and apply systems biology approaches to unravel novel targets for treatment
Rue Nicolas-Ernest Barblé 6A, Luxembourg L-1210, Luxembourg
28/11/2023 13:49:11

PhD STUDENTS positions are available with up to 4-year fixed-term contracts, full-time.


The role of the ecosystem in cancer growth and progression is increasingly recognized. This tumor ecosystem (TE) includes multiple factors within the local tumor microenvironment such as tumor-associated fibroblasts, endothelial cells, tumor-infiltrated immune cells, skewed nutrient supply, hypoxia, as well as more distant players such as systemic immunity, cytokines and the microbiome. Together these conditions shape a supportive tumor milieu fostering growth, progression and metastasis. To address this complex crosstalk and to eventually exploit it for novel therapeutic concepts, CANBIO2 sets out to train the next generation of cancer biologists and data scientists in a stimulating interdisciplinary environment.Individual projects will focus on a molecular, cellular and/or systems approach. Several projects require a data science background and will allow to develop advanced bioinformatics skills.


The program includes transferable skills training, support in career development, keynote lectures and annual PhD retreats. PhD candidates will conduct their research projects either at LIH (Department of Cancer Research, Department of Infection and Immunity) or at the University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, the Department of Life Sciences and Medicine, or the Department of Physics and Material Science). All PhD candidates will be enrolled at the University of Luxembourg in the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering of the University of Luxembourg for PhD studies in the discipline of Natural Sciences.


More information on CANBIO2 and the available positions/projects can be found HERE

We are seeking excellent and highly motivated candidates holding a Master’s degree (MSc or equivalent) in a field related to the topics of the PhD program. Good English language skills are required.



More specific information on CANBIO2 can be obtained from the program coordinator, Dr Johannes Meiser,  interim Director of LIH’s Department of Cancer Research:


  • Contract type:         4-year fixed-term contract (3+1)
  • Work hours:             Full time (40h/week)
  • Location:                  Luxembourg and Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Start date:               ASAP
  • Ref:                           VD/DTUCanbioII0323/JM/DoCR


Applications including the following mandatory documents:
1.    Cover letter stating up to 3 project preferences (please write the project numbers in the title of the cover letter)
2.    A full curriculum vitae with at least 2 references (contact details only)
3.    The relevant diplomas showing marks  (MSc, MD or equivalent)

should be submitted through the "apply button" below ONLY.

Only applications (as outlined above) in English submitted via this LIH application portal will be considered