Medical and training aspects in Handball (EN)

16/09/2017 08:00 to 16/09/2017 18:00 (Europe/Luxembourg)

Differdange, Luxembourg

The 11th Sports medical Workshop and 2nd Meeting on medical aspects in Handball will be organised by the Luxembourg Academy of Medicine, Physical Therapy and Science into Sports on September 16th, 2017. The venue will be the International University of Health, Exercise & Sports ‘LUNEX’ in Differdange in Luxembourg.

“Medical and Training Aspects in Handball” is this year’s congress theme, with the aim to reflect on different aspects in and around prevention of injuries and preparation to Handball games. The topics addressed were chosen with care so as to highlight different facets of injuries occuring in Handball, their prevention and the physical preparation to Handball.

The congress will feature 9 international and 5 national speakers, ranging from well-known scientists and medical doctors in the field of injury prevention, injury surveillance and physiotherapy to trainers and coaching experts in physical preparation in Handball. The guest lecture will be given by Olivier Krumbholz, national coach of the french women squad.

The handball congress will provide ample occasion to summarize existing knowledge and stimulate discussions between different stakeholders. It is directed at researchers, physiotherapists and medical doctors working in the field of handball and sports medicine, as well as trainers, athletes and the broader public.


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Program & speakers


Avenue du Parc des Sports 50
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From 16/09/2017 08:00
To 16/09/2017 18:00


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