Lecture Series Translational Bioinformatics & Systems Biomedicine - "Mechanistic models of pathways detect new therapeutic targets and predict the effect of interventions" - Prof Joaquin Dopazo

04/09/2018 16:00 to 04/09/2018 18:30 (Europe/Luxembourg)


Prof Joaquin Dopazo is Head of the Clinical Bioinformatics Area, Fundacion
Progreso y Salud. CDCA, Hospital Virgen del Rocis, Sevilla, Spain.



In spite of the increasing availability of genomic and transcriptomic data, there is still a gap between the detection of gene mutations or gene expression perturbations and the correct and detailed understanding of their contribution to the molecular mechanisms that ultimately account for the phenotype studied. Alterations in cell signaling and metabolism are behind the initiation and progression of many diseases, including cancer. Signaling and metabolic pathways compile a wealth of knowledge on relevant biological processes in the format of maps that describe the complex network of different interaction types among proteins and molecules. Such maps can be used to derive mechanistic models that link gene expression perturbations and/or mutations to changes in the metabolic and signaling activity that provide relevant clues on molecular mechanisms of disease and drug modes of action (MoA). Moreover, mechanistic models can be used to detect potential therapeutic targets that cause the desired effect on specific outcomes of disease or drug action mechanisms as well as to predict the effect of interventions on specific genes.



16.00 - 17.00: LECTURE

University of Luxembourg

Maison des Sciences Humaines

11, Porte des Sciences 

L-4366 Esch/Alzette

Blackbox room

17.00 - 18.30: 'meet THE SPEAKER'

University of Luxembourg

Maison des Sciences Humaines

11, Porte des Sciences

L-4366 Esch/Alzette

Room N°0.206

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This lecture will be followed by a workshop especially dedicated to early-stage researchers.

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From 04/09/2018 16:00
To 04/09/2018 18:30


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