Transcriptional cooperation of PBX1 and PAX6 in adult neural progenitor cells.

October 25, 2021 By:
  • Hau AC
  • Mommaerts E
  • Laub V
  • Muller T
  • Dittmar G
  • Schulte D.

PAX6 is a highly conserved transcription factor and key regulator of several neurogenic processes, including the continuous generation of dopaminergic/GABAergic interneurons in the adult ventricular-subventricular (V-SVZ) neurogenic system in mice. Here we report that PAX6 cooperates with the TALE-homeodomain transcription factor PBX1 in this context. Chromatin-immunoprecipitation showed that PBX1 and PAX6 co-occupy shared genomic binding sites in adult V-SVZ stem- and progenitor cell cultures and mouse embryonic stem cells, while depletion of Pbx1 revealed that association of PAX6 with these sites requires the presence of PBX1. Expression profiling together with viral overexpression or knockdown of Pax6 or Pbx1 identified novel PBX1-PAX6 co-regulated genes, including several transcription factors. Computational modeling of genome wide expression identified novel cross-regulatory networks among these very transcription factors. Taken together, the results presented here highlight the intimate link that exists between PAX6 and TALE-HD family proteins and contribute novel insights into how the orchestrated activity of transcription factors shapes adult V-SVZ neurogenesis.

2021 Oct. Sci Rep.11(1):21013.
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