The B-side of cancer immunity: The underrated tune.

  • Tumor Stroma Interactions
May 13, 2019 By:
  • Largeot A
  • Pagano G
  • Gonder S
  • Moussay E
  • Paggetti J.

Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes are known to be critical in controlling tumor progression. While the role of T lymphocytes has been extensively studied, the function of B cells in this context is still ill-defined. In this review, we propose to explore the role of B cells in tumor immunity. First of all we define their dual role in promoting and inhibiting cancer progression depending on their phenotype. To continue, we describe the influence of different tumor microenvironment factors such as hypoxia on B cells functions and differentiation. Finally, the role of B cells in response to therapy and as potential target is examined. In accordance with the importance of B cells in immuno-oncology, we conclude that more studies are required to throw light on the precise role of B cells in the tumor microenvironment in order to have a better understanding of their functions, and to design new strategies that efficiently target these cells by immunotherapy.

2019 May. Cells.8(5):pii: E449.
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