Standard preanalytical coding for biospecimens: review and implementation of the Sample PREanalytical Code (SPREC).

  • Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg
August 01, 2012 By:
  • Lehmann S
  • Guadagni F
  • Moore H
  • Ashton G
  • Barnes M
  • Benson E
  • Clements J
  • Koppandi I
  • Coppola D
  • Demiroglu SY
  • DeSouza Y
  • De Wilde A
  • Duker J
  • Eliason J
  • Glazer B
  • Harding K
  • Jeon JP
  • Kessler J
  • Kokkat T
  • Nanni U
  • Shea K
  • Skubitz A
  • Somiari S
  • Tybring G
  • Gunter E
  • Betsou F
  • International Society for Biological and Environmental (ISBER) Repositories Working Group on Biospecimen S.

The first version of the Standard PREanalytical Code (SPREC) was developed in 2009 by the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Biospecimen Science Working Group to facilitate documentation and communication of the most important preanalytical quality parameters of different types of biospecimens used for research. This same Working Group has now updated the SPREC to version 2.0, presented here, so that it contains more options to allow for recent technological developments. Existing elements have been fine tuned. An interface to the Biospecimen Reporting for Improved Study Quality (BRISQ) has been defined, and informatics solutions for SPREC implementation have been developed. A glossary with SPREC-related definitions has also been added.

2012 Aug. Biopreserv Biobank.10(4):366-74.
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