Risk factors for patellar dislocations: A narrative review.

  • Sports Medicine Research Laboratory
March 23, 2016 By:
  • Lion A
  • Hoffmann A
  • Mouton C
  • Theisen D
  • Seil R.

Summary Patellar dislocations are mainly characterized by a lateral movement of the patella out of the trochlear groove of the femur. Football, American football, basketball and gymnastics are the most common sports to induce patellar dislocations. However, many individual factors can impact the risk of these injuries and influence the treatment strategy. New evaluation methods like the patellar instability severity score, which is based on the individual risk factors, may be helpful to assess the risk for recurrent dislocations and help the medical management. Non-operative treatment is usually preferred for a primary dislocation without major structural risk factors or structural damage. Surgery is recommended mostly for secondary and recurrent dislocations.

2016 Mar. Sports Orthop Traumatol.32(2):139-147.
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