Mental health care networks in older adults: A narrative review.

  • Public Health Research
October 27, 2019 By:
  • Tournier I
  • Hanon C
  • Vasseur-Bacle S
  • Deloyer J
  • Moraitou M
  • Tzanakis E
  • Gravrila-ardelean M
  • Kelemen G
  • Fond-Harmant L.

The present narrative review addresses the difficulties and challenges occurring in the field of mental health in elderly adults by describing and synthesizing the available data. More precise knowledge on the prevalence of mental health difficulties in this population is still necessary. This directly leads us to the problem of age-related stereotypes and inaccurate knowledge regarding diagnosis in old age. Poly-pharmacy and side effects of psychotropic medications are also challenges encountered in the field of mental health in older adults. This paper highlights the necessity to improve knowledge and skills by research and by training professionals and develop multidisciplinary networks focusing on older adults’ mental health care.

2019 Oct. J Plus Educ.25(2):179-187.
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