Making more efficient use of biospecimens. ISBER contributions and initiatives. In Biobanken-Forschung in Deutschland: Vom Konzept zur Realisierung: Tagungsband des 3. Nationalen Biobanken-Symposiums vom 3. - 4. Dezember 2014 in Berlin. (Book Chapter)

December 03, 2014 By:
  • Betsou F.

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) is the leading global forum for promoting harmonized standards, ethical principles, and innovation in sciences and management of biorepositories. Through development and publication of opinions and comments on ethical and legal issues underpinning the use of biospecimens in research, the ISBER Science Policy Committee supports biorepositories in all geographical regions, in order to ensure scientific use of biospecimens is possible, in accordance with applicable regulations and good ethical practice. In order for biospecimens to be fit-for-purpose, the ISBER Education and Training Committee and the Biospecimen Science Working group have developed Best Practices, educational programs and tools in order to support quality insurance in the daily operations of the biorepositories an in the characterization of biospecimens.

2014 Dec. Hummel M, ed. AKA, 2014. p.93-99. ISBN 9783898387002.
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