Iliopubic subcutaneous plate osteosynthesis for osteoporotic fractures of the anterior pelvic ring. An alternative to the supra-acetabular external fixator.

  • Sports Medicine Research Laboratory
May 01, 2014 By:
  • Gerich T
  • Bogdan A
  • Backes F
  • Gillman T
  • Seil R
  • Pape D.

The majority of fractures of the anterior pelvic ring is treated non-operatively. However, a number of patients do not get pain free and cannot be mobilized. Since the supra-acetabular external fixator is associated with significant complications we developed an alternative technique based on recent anatomical studies. This article is a clinical feasibility study to evaluate a novel stabilization technique for fractures of the anterior pelvic ring in the elderly patient. This technique obtains rapid pain reduction and early ambulation in this group of patients.

2014 May. Bull Soc Sci Med Grand Duche Luxemb.(1):7-14.
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