Fish allergy. In Food allergy: Molecular and clinical practice. 1st ed. (Book Chapter)

  • Molecular and Translational Allergology
August 15, 2017 By:
  • Kuehn A
  • Arumugam K.

Food allergy is an adverse immunological reaction to allergens present in food. Up to 4% adults and 8% children are affected by food allergy. The increase in allergic diseases to food has led to the need for better diagnostics and more effective therapeutic approaches.
This book describes the molecular biology and immunology of major food allergens, from laboratory based science to clinical immunology, encompassing novel characterisation and quantification methods, the application of recombinant food allergens in molecular diagnosis and the development of novel therapeutics. This book is the ideal reference tool for researchers, students and allergy clinicians to accurately diagnose and manage food allergies.

2017 Aug. Lopata AL, ed. London: CRC-Press, 2017. p.95-121. ISBN 978-1498722445.
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