Driving Natural Killer cells toward the melanoma tumor battlefield: Autophagy as a valuable therapeutic target.

  • Tumor Immunotherapy and Microenvironment
  • Tumor Stroma Interactions
April 25, 2018 By:
  • Noman MZ
  • Paggetti J
  • Moussay E
  • Berchem G
  • Janji B.

Natural Killer (NK) cell-based cancer immunotherapies were often disappointing in the clinic mostly due to insufficient NK cell infiltration into tumors. We found that targeting autophagy induced a massive infiltration of NK cells into melanoma tumors. These findings highlight autophagy inhibition as a cutting-edge approach to fully exploit the anti-tumor properties of NK cells in a wide variety of cancer patients.

2018 Apr. OncoImmunology.7(8):e1452583.
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