Decrypthon Grid - Grid Resources Dedicated to Neuromuscular Disorders. In Healthgrid Applications and Core Technologies, 8th HealthGrid Conference, Paris, France, 28-30 June 2010. (Book Chapter)

  • Proteomics of Cellular Signaling
June 28, 2010 By:
  • Bard N
  • Bolze R
  • Caron E
  • Desprez F
  • Heymann M
  • Friedrich A
  • Moulinier L
  • Nguyen NH
  • Poch O
  • Toursel T.

Thanks to the availability of computational grids and their middleware, a seamless access to computation and storage resources is provided to application developers and scientists. The Decrypthon project is one example of such a high performance platform. In this paper, we present the architecture of the platform, the middleware developed to facilitate access to several servers deployed in France, and the data center for integrating large biological datasets over multiple sites, supported by a new query language and integration of various tools. The SM2PH project represents an example of a biological application that exploits the capacities of the Decrypthon grid. The goal of SM2PH is a better understanding of mutations involved in human monogenic diseases, their impact on the 3D structure of the protein and the subsequent consequences for the pathological phenotypes.

2010 Jun. Solomonides T, Blanquer I, Breton V, Glatard T and Legre Y, eds. Amsterdam: Ios Press, 2010. p.124-133. (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Vol.159). ISBN 978-1-60750-583-9.
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