Assays for qualification and quality stratification of clinical biospecimens used in research: A technical report from the ISBER biospecimen science working group.

  • Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg
October 01, 2016 By:
  • Betsou F
  • Bulla A
  • Cho SY
  • Clements J
  • Chuaqui R
  • Coppola D
  • De Souza Y
  • De Wilde A
  • Grizzle W
  • Guadagni F
  • Gunter E
  • Heil S
  • Hodgkinson V
  • Kessler J
  • Kiehntopf M
  • Kim HS
  • Koppandi I
  • Shea K
  • Singh R
  • Sobel M
  • Somiari S
  • Spyropoulos D
  • Stone M
  • Tybring G
  • Valyi-Nagy K
  • Van den Eynden G
  • Wadhwa L.

This technical report presents quality control (QC) assays that can be performed in order to qualify clinical biospecimens that have been biobanked for use in research. Some QC assays are specific to a disease area. Some QC assays are specific to a particular downstream analytical platform. When such a qualification is not possible, QC assays are presented that can be performed to stratify clinical biospecimens according to their biomolecular quality.

2016 Oct. Biopreserv Biobank.14(5):398-409. Epub 2016 Apr 5.
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