Advances in modern osteotomies around the knee : Report on the Association of Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, Orthopaedic surgery, Rehabilitation (ASTAOR) Moscow International Osteotomy Congress 2017.

  • Sports Medicine Research Laboratory
February 25, 2019 By:
  • Gao L
  • Madry H
  • Chugaev DV
  • Denti M
  • Frolov A
  • Burtsev M
  • Magnitskaya N
  • Mukhanov V
  • Neyret P
  • Solomin LN
  • Sorokin E
  • Staubli AE
  • Stone KR
  • Vilenskiy V
  • Zayats V
  • Pape D
  • Korolev A.

Corrective lower limb osteotomies are innovative and efficient therapeutic procedures for restoring axial alignment and managing unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis. This review presents critical insights into the up-dated clinical knowledge on osteotomies for complex posttraumatic or congenital lower limb deformities with a focus on high tibial osteotomies, including a comprehensive overview of basic principles of osteotomy planning, biomechanical considerations of different implants for osteotomies and insights in specific bone deformity correction techniques. Emphasis is placed on complex cases of lower limb osteotomies associated with ligament and multiaxial instability including pediatric cases, computer-assisted navigation, external fixation for long bone deformity correction and return to sport after such osteotomies. Altogether, these advances in the experimental and clinical knowledge of complex lower limb osteotomies allow generating improved, adapted therapeutic regimens to treat congenital and acquired lower limb deformities.

2019 Feb. J Exp Orthop.6(1):9.
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