ACL rupture with open physes. In Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A practical surgical guide. (Book Chapter)

March 20, 2014 By:
  • Frosch K-H
  • Seil R
  • Siebold R
  • Chotel F
  • Oka S
  • Preiss A.

In recent years, the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in skeletally immature patients increased significantly [26, 51]. Although available epidemiological information on ACL tears in skeletal immature patients is limited, the number of ≤10 age patients accounts for 0.4 % of all ACL injuries in Sweden [69]. Most of sports-related ACL injuries are non-contact in nature, that is, cutting or pivoting motion on a fixed foot during change of direction, sudden stopping or landing from a jump, or a hyperextension trauma [9]. The diagnostic accuracy of this young population is lower than in adults due to a lack of ability to state the circumstance of the injury or symptoms encountered since the injury [59]. For the physician it may be of help to assess the injury mechanism together with the patients and patients. In any case it is very important to include the parents in the decision making of the treatment. A close cooperation and compliance of the young patients is essential and needs the support and confidence of the patients, too.

2014 Mar. Siebold R, Dejour D and Zaffagnini S, eds. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer 2014. p.327-346. ISBN 978-3-642-45348-9.
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