Webinar series: Precision Public Health 2021

Weekly expert talk starting November 16

      7 October 2021

      2 min read

      Webinar series: Precision Public Health 2021     

      How can we use real-life data to better characterize populations and patients, according to their environment, their lifestyle, their biological characteristics, to design better-tailored preventive strategies and more personalized treatments?

      Experts from the Department of Population Health at LIH, together with internationally recognized scientists, will discuss the current state of the art in the field of Precision Public Health, covering complementary topics such as Prevention, Omics for Public Health, Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence and Socioeconomic Inequalities.

      The Luxembourg Institute of Health is organising this free webinar series “Precision Public Health” to reflect on the transition that is currently happening from traditional Population Health to Precision Public Health. Join us in this weekly 4-part series starting November 16, 2021.

      Register today at https://PHealth2021.lih.lu and join the discussion on social media #PHealth2021

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