LIH cancer research supported by Schëfflenger Kriibshëllef donation

26 May 2021

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LIH cancer research supported by Schëfflenger Kriibshëllef donation

On May 20th 2021, the Luxembourgish non-profit association “Schëfflenger Kriibshëllef” made a donation to the LIH Department of Oncology (DONC) to support the acquisition of new laboratory equipment for cancer research. 

The symbolic EUR 2,500 cheque was handed over to Prof Simone Niclou, Director of DONC, and Dr Eric van Dyck, leader of the DNA repair and chemoresistance (DRC) research group, during the first General Assembly of the non-profit association in Schifflange. The two scientists were also given the opportunity to introduce the ongoing work carried out by the research teams at DONC.

The donation will allow the researchers to purchase a new instrument for DNA/RNA/protein blotting (Bio-Dot Microfiltration system). This will be used for the accurate visualisation of nucleic acids and proteins in the framework of research projects on chemoresistance and DNA repair mechanisms, thereby enabling the study of the impact of DNA-damaging drugs on these molecules.

We are very grateful to Schëfflenger Kriibshëllef for their generous support, particularly considering that this is their first direct donation to cancer research and represents a substantial commitment for such a young association”, state the two awardees.

The grant will contribute to our ongoing efforts to better understand the genetic factors involved in cancer cell instability and resistance to chemotherapy, ultimately helping us identify new druggable targets that can be translated into tangible therapies for aggressive cancers”, they conclude.

Schëfflenger Kriibshëllef is a local non-profit association based in Schifflange, founded in March 2020 to raise funds in support of cancer patients and cancer research in Luxembourg.

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Prof Simone Niclou

Dr Eric Van Dyck