Dr Jacques Zimmer appointed full member of the Institut Grand-Ducal

2019 - 04 - 09

Dr Jacques Zimmer has been elected as full member of the Institut Grand-Ducal – Section des Sciences Naturelles, Physiques et Mathématiques during a plenary meeting held on 18th February 2019.

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Founded in 1868, the objective of Luxembourg’s Institut Grand-Ducal, which is composed of six sections, is to cultivate science, literature and the arts and to contribute to their radiance on a national and international level. The institute promotes sciences and arts through different initiatives, such as yearly conference cycles.

The appointment of Dr Zimmer underlines his important contribution to science in Luxembourg. Holding both a medical degree and a PhD, he is a recognised scientist in inflammation research with a focus on immune mechanisms involving Natural Killer cells. He is part of the Innate Cellular Immunity and Chronic Inflammation research group at LIH’s Department of Infection and Immunity. ‘As full member of the Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences Section of Institut Grand-Ducal, I am entitled to participate in meetings and have voting rights’, states Dr Zimmer.  

Among the full members member of the Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences Section are also other researchers affiliated with LIH: Dr Torsten Bohn, acting as “librarian” in the board of the section and as such involved in literature storage and conference organisation, and Prof Claude P. Muller. Dr Ala’a Al Kerwi is a honorary member of the section.