Best Healthcare Educative Campaign of the Year Award for LIH’s project Sport-Santé

2017 - 06 - 16

Best Healthcare Educative Campaign of the Year Award for LIH’s project Sport-Santé

At the 4th edition of the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit on 15th June 2017, LIH’s Sports Medicine Research Laboratory was awarded with the “Best Healthcare Educative Campaign of the Year Award” for its project “Sport-Santé” that promotes therapeutic sport activities for patients. This award honours outstanding health awareness initiatives conducted in Luxembourg.

Launched in 2014, the Healthcare Summit aims at gathering professionals from healthcare and life sciences sectors to discuss hot topics and foster networking. It is also a great opportunity to reward best practices and people contributing to the improvement of healthcare in Luxembourg. This year’s subject was P4 medicine - P4 standing for predictive, personalised, preventive and participatory. LIH’s CEO Dr Catherine Larue who strongly believes in the power of P4 medicine was invited to give a talk entitled “Personalised Medicine in Luxembourg: keys to better patient care”.

For four years in a row, LIH received an award for one of its projects. “Sport-Santé” developed at the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory of LIH’s Department of Population Health and led by Dr Alexis Lion was selected among a range of applications. The project launched in 2015 is based on the evidence that therapeutic exercise is an important component in the treatment of diseases and improves the patients’ physical and mental well-being.

“Sport-Santé” has three main objectives: to increase the number of participants in existing groups offering therapeutic sports, to enlarge the course offer and to durably maintain it. These goals are pursued through multiple initiatives, namely by awareness campaigns and by providing support to existing and new groups. The website serves as a showcase for the “Sport-Santé” project. It provides comprehensive, objective and scientifically reliable information on pathologies and therapeutic sports. Moreover it allows the patients to easily find the best adapted sports group in the country and gives practice information on organisers, places and schedules. The project is supported by “Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte”, a public organisation supporting philanthropy and solidarity. 

‘I am very touched and warmly thank the jury members’, said Dr Lion during the award ceremony at the Healthcare Summit. ‘I also thank the organisations and associations that offer therapeutic courses and can only encourage the health professionals to send their patients to these courses. Let’s move!’  

Dr Alexis Lion, project leader of "Sport-Santé" awarded with the Best Healthcare Educative Campaign of the Year Award at the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit 2017


Dr Catherine Larue, CEO ad interim of LIH, giving a presentation about personalised medicine at the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit 2017